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Lawtons Autos Remaps


Increase pleasure and economy no matter what you drive.

A remap can make a difference to practically any

post-2000 car, whether you drive a family car, a track

car or anything in between. We can certainly give you

more driving pleasure and in the case of a turbo-diesel, lower your fuel costs by an average of 10% or more too!



Turbo-diesels typically gain 8-12% improvement in MPG, though even more is sometimes achieved. At the same time, BHP and torque are increased to give you a better drive with more power and acceleration for uphills, overtaking and improved confidence pulling out from junctions.



Turbo-diesels and turbo-petrol cars can gain 20-35%

extra BHP and torque, while normally aspirated petrol

cars will typically gain around 8%. However, the improvements are not only about improving high-end acceleration, the most common requirement is for better flexibility - to improve the drive at town speeds where

more responsiveness and the ability to change gear less frequently can transform the driving experience. Vehicles such as BMWs with normally aspirated engines can still be improved with noticeable increases to pulling power and throttle response, as well as more power at a higher rev range.


At Lawtons Autos Ltd we don't just use standard maps,

we customise for individual requirements to provide you with exactly what it is you need. We only tune safely too, within the specs that an engine and transmission system

is capable of handling.To find out more about what we

can do for your car try our vehicle selector right now, or

feel free to e-mail us or call any time for helpful and

honest advice about the results you can get to make

your driving more pleasureable and economical.




OBD Remap £250 - This option is where we gain access

to read your ECU information through the on-board diagnostic socket and then re-write the ECU with the modified file.


Depending on your make and model this above option

will not be applicable. In this case we would have to

bench remap your ECU.


Bench Remap £350 - This option is where we remove

your ECU from the vehicle, manually open the covers to gain access to the processor and then read the original

file and write your modified file.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


EGR Solution


Lawtons Autos offer a complete EGR tuning solution.


IMPORTANT - Deleting the vehicles EGR may cause Premature wear to the vehicles DPF


Common issues due to faulty EGR include:

EML light flashing/constantly on

Vehicle in limp mode (won't rev over 2,500/3,000 RPM)

Hard to start or wont start (in extreme cases)


A cost comparison makes it an easy choice

A new EGR can cost from £200 upwards (+Labour & +VAT). We can remap the removal of the

EGR for a fixed price of £200-£300 and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

In addition, we can remap your engine for even more power, torque and fuel economy at the same time. Although simply removing the EGR will improve MPG and help contribute to costs over time, by adding a full power/economy remap at the same time you'll go on to get the very best MPG figures possible from your vehicle for the rest of its life.



Our prices are highly competitive, and we aim to provide the best possible combination of professional remapping services

with outstanding value for money. Prices start at £200. All of our remaps are customised specifically for your vehicle, and retain key information and data stored on your ECU including VIN number, immobiliser codes and hardware/software serial numbers that can be lost or destroyed by some of the cheap and cheerful companies using cloned equipment and cheap remap databases. We retain copies of your original and new map safely and securely should they ever need to be reinstalled, and we provide a reinstallation service for free should it ever be necessary due to a dealer overwriting your new map for any reason. Our maps are developed by highly-trained engineers with thousands of remaps behind them and are guaranteed to give you the highest professional results for your precious vehicle.


Please e-mail us or call us for a quote for your vehicle.



Your registration number allows us to check details of your vehicle for the purpose of providing you with more accurate

power gain information and pricing. That is the sole purpose for the request. It is not passed on to any other organisation.

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