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Lawtons Autos Ltd - The Right Choice No Matter Which Vehicle You Drive.


We have a simple mission; to provide a professional service along with the best advice and customer service in the industry. We aim to help our customers through their decision process by offering the highest levels of open and honest pre-sales advice and finally we

are committed to providing outstanding pre-sales and post-sales service.


We are based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme but the benefits of been mobile, are we come to

you and at a convenient time around your lifestyle.


Rob Lawton is NVQ Level 3 qualified mechanic, Class 4&7 Mot tester and also a Certified

Professional Remap Tuner. In addition to this he has worked for various manufacturers

to which this provides excellent knowledge and skills on a wide variety of vehicles.


As driving enthusiasts we are always happy to take you through the options and benefits available to you for your vehicle. We speak plainly and honestly about what you can

achieve and should expect from a remap, no matter what you drive.  We remap everything from hard-working vans through to track cars; motorhomes to HGVs and have the experience that will help you come to the decision about your needs for your vehicle.


We hope to offer you a hassle free experience from start to finish and know how difficult

it is when the unexpected happens to your vehicle, so don't hesitate to call us. We're

here to help any time and look forward to speaking with you.


Our Business Philosophy


With years of experience, Lawtons Autos has built an outstanding

reputation based on our knowledge, expertise

and the honesty with which we deal with our customers. Our business philosophy is to provide our customers with the personal service and expertise they require

but at the same time provide a real cost effective alternative to the franchised dealer.


All Our Work Is Fully Guaranteed


We hold full motor trade insurance to cover our customer liabilities. Our work is fully guaranteed and in the event you should need to contact us for warranty on parts, you will need to produce the valid proof of repair invoice within the time limits specified. Own parts supplied either new or second hand are not covered by our warranty. After every job we like to accompany you as you test drive your car. We believe the best way to show our confidence in our work is to be with you when you see the results for yourself.


Remap 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


If you get your vehicle remapped and do not get the results you expected we will restore your original map and give you your money back. We set realistic expectations for every job we do. We are confident you will not be disappointed but feel this money back guarantee offers you that extra peace of mind that will encourage you to try our services and improve your driving enjoyment. A copy of your original engine map as well as your new engine map is kept on our systems. In the event you should need a re-installation, for example if a main agent were to reset your ECU for any reason, we will re-install your new map free of charge.


MPG guarantee: Turbo-diesel: 99% of turbo-diesel drivers will get MPG improvements, but results will vary according to

driving style and your day-to-day driving conditions. Petrol: We cannot guarantee improved MPG for normally aspirated or turbo petrol engines, though it is fair to say that most get an improvement to some degree. However, we can confidently

tell you that these engines will be more powerfull, flexible and enjoyable to drive. The comment 'it feels like a new car' is one of the most common we hear.




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